Lauren Koshere


I’m all about writing, science, and food. Over the years I’ve also had a lot of experience baking while dating, and find myself fascinated by the power of baked goods in romantic relationships.

My work has been published in High Country News, Wisconsin State Journal, ISLE, So to Speak, and others. I have writing and environmental science degrees from St. Catherine University and the University of Montana. I’ve received various writing awards as well as one dessert award—for a no-bake backpacking recipe inspired by my summers living and working in Yellowstone, Bear Scat Cookies.

Someday I’d love to tell you all the reasons you should join in my love of lipstick, butter, and the Green Bay Packers. For your patience I’ll totally bake us some cookies.

Email: llkoshere at gmail dot com

Check out more of my work on Medium.