Top Ten Signs I’m Spending a Weekend in Missoula

10. Friday night begins with a wittily-titled microbrew at one of the 429 breweries in town.   In my case this weekend, it was  Sip’N Go Naked at Tamarack Brewing Company.  (P.S.  Of course, I’m exaggerating:  Missoula only has 401 local breweries).

9. At that brewery, I spot at least two dozen other people (men and women) who appear to be wearing a down jacket identical to mine.

8. Saturday does not pass without one or more of the following activities:  a hike or ski adventure, a trip to the Good Food Store, a trip to Orange Street Food Farm.  This weekend, I did all three (and, as a bonus, took care of some laundry at the Green Hanger).

7. I almost collide with three different people in the Good Food Store produce section because we are all too distracted by our grocery lists for the week to watch where we’re going.

6. I spend at least two hours talking on my cell phone and/or via video G-chat with Emmy, a dear friend who lives 2000 miles and 2 time zones away.

5. Saturday night keeps me awake with the conspicuous sounds of my neighbors’ house party.

4. Sunday morning lets me sleep in with the conspicuous absence of traffic noise from Brooks Street.

3. I kick off Sunday by drinking green tea and reading homework in the sunlight band that slices into my kitchen (when the clouds permit) only between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. on winter mornings.

2. Text exchanges with local friends are my major link to the world beyond homework and basic household tasks—and my major means of making non-homework plans, such as those for a roasted chicken dinner at my place with friends tonight.

1. I spend way more time than I should on lesson plans and preparation for teaching WRIT 101 when I should probably be writing for my thesis or perhaps working on a more dynamic blog post…

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