Wrote Packers Essay. Goal? Meet Aaron.

Norris Geyser Basin at DuskOn the first day of a writing seminar I’m taking this semester, we were asked to introduce ourselves by sharing a six-word memoir (or at least a six-word statement about the self).  The idea, popularized by Smith Magazine, makes a fun exercise to try again and again.  How much can we express in six words?  How compelling a story?  How witty an idea?  How poignant a reflection?

I’m trying to do more playing in my freewriting and journalling lately (I may share more playful posts as I come across other interesting exercises), so I spent some time outside class playing with this prompt:

  • Started a Facebook religion called Wisco-theism.
  • Memorized sonnets during varsity basketball games.
  • Wisconsin woman went West, writing water.
  • Explores new grocery stores for fun.
  • Writer guilt:  haven’t read that, either.
  • Enchanted by geyser steam, sulfur smell.
  • Writing my thesis.  Sleep?  What sleep?
  • Self-conscious about those flat Midwestern vowels.
  • Eventual writing grad seeks health insurance.
  • Worry I watch too much Netflix.
  • I drove to Lubbock once—deliberately.
  • I love this round world, anyway.
  • Won a date with Tad Hamilton.

What’s your six-word memoir?

6 thoughts on “Wrote Packers Essay. Goal? Meet Aaron.

  1. Great idea!
    Since I am twice + your age, may I use more than 6 words per comment?

    I will try this exercise to see what I learn about me!

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