Postcard from Assateague Island

The postcard = 1 picture + 50-100 words, depending on the size of your handwriting

My friend Beth at Walksonstilts and I have spent many a writing conversation musing about the power of the postcard. Writing a good postcard is no easy feat. Receiving a good postcard is one of life’s best simple pleasures.

And from a writing perspective, the postcard is the ultimate practice exercise. It insists on brevity. It invites levity. It loves a good image.

The postcard. 1 picture, 50-100 words. I’m going to start posting more postcards to this blog.

Postcard from Assateague Island:

Feeling broody on group trip to Assateague Island. My solo wanderings sabotage new friendship odds, but I can’t befriend the girl who wore fake eyelashes to the beach. Not today.

Without the drop of sand trapped north of here behind an Ocean City jetty, Assateague moves: westward and southward, becoming narrower. A sign says, “Everything here is temporary.”

Wild horses on a crowded beach prove the elegance of indifference. Sand sips water, and I remember why I always walk along the surf, at the collision of textures.

More postcards: from the Billy Goat Trail, from the bare woods.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Assateague Island

    1. I should tell DO! But I can’t take credit for the postcard idea…I’ve heard of it once or twice in writing classes, as a play exercise, and figured it would make a fun blog exercise. Always trying to do more play and more short writing!

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