1.5% of my Manuscript Sees the Light of Day: This Day

Big Sky Country, After the Rain: Yellowstone's Northern Range

Today’s the day that a piece of my manuscript about my time in Yellowstone appears in High Country News. The full essay appears online here: http://www.hcn.org/issues/44.16/storm-on-lava-creek-a-season-in-yellowstone.

“Storm on Lava Creek” is a section from the title essay of my manuscript, Falling in Yellowstone. I did the math, and the 750-ish-word shorty published today represents a little under 1.5% of the book.

New Blue Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs, YellowstoneIn honor of the whole project, I thought I’d share the working titles of each chapter:

  1. New Blue Spring
  2. From the Passenger Seat
  3. Green in Yellowstone
  4. Falling in Yellowstone
  5. Cousins, Lovers, Brothers, Strangers
  6. Speaking of Yellowstone
  7. People Behind Your Yellowstone Vacation (this piece has appeared in Camas: The Nature of the West and in the September 2012 book A Natural History of Now: Reports from the Edge of Nature)
  8. Trace Dynamics
  9. Driving the ExperienceRoad Trip, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Wyoming
  10. Road Trip
  11. On the Edge
  12. Electric Peace
  13. Shoshone
  14. Loving the Summer
  15. Yellowstone Goodbye
  16. Stories Held in Travertine
  17. Now, After the Rain

Now, to get the whole book into the light of day! It will take lots of revising and lots of submitting on my end, but I’m excited. Time to get crackin’.

Trees Held in Travertine, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone

2 thoughts on “1.5% of my Manuscript Sees the Light of Day: This Day

  1. Reading your essay again took me right back to a hike I did on Lava Creek. You write beautifully and I will be anxiously awaiting your next piece! 🙂

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