Getting Soaked in Malawi

My friend Beth and her camera got soaked in a downpour in Malawi. “First world problems.”


Well, the bad news is my camera is totally soaked, and it appears not to be functioning.  Better stuff it back deep in the folds of my now drenched backpack.  My sister-in-law, Marie, has a joke from a blogger she likes, and if she were here she would use it now.

“First world problems,” she’d say.

The bit of good news is that it’s raining.  The bigger bad news is that it is absolutely pouring.  I can’t see this being much good for crops.  And what if my camera is doomed?  No.  It’s just wet right now.  It’ll recover.  I’ll recover.

See, I was on my way to downtown Lilongwe to meet my brother, Matt, for lunch.  I chose to ignore the big, black, rumbling clouds in the sky as I biked away from the house.  I also dismissed the kids running home from school.  I told myself they were…

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