Postcard from Gettysburg

Little Round Top to Devil's Den
Gettysburg National Military Park, view from Little Round Top to Devil’s Den

I visited Gettysburg for the first time, and this is what stuck:

  • That each star on a Confederate flag on display, “homemade in Virginia,” was a slightly different shape. I wonder who made that flag and what she was thinking as she stitched.
  • A wall of faces of the men who were casualties, Confederate and Union, that I could have looked at for hours.
  • What the Republican newspaper of Springfield, Massachusetts, wrote of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “His little speech is a perfect gem; deep in feeling, compact in thought and expression, and tasteful and elegant in every word and comma.” My new writing goal.
  • How the museum display of war letters noted that war makes people more expressive than typical for their time.

More postcards: from the bare woods, the Billy Goat Trail, Assateague Island.

One thought on “Postcard from Gettysburg

  1. I just had someone yesterday tell me we should go visit Gettysburg. Since we will be in Ohio for an extended length of time, it is definitely on the list.

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