Sees the Day and more Search Term Poetry

Stone with tree
What kind of “tree wisdom aphorism” does this inspire?

My friend Beth gave me a good laugh last fall when she posted a list of search terms that landed people on her blog. For instance, Has my goldfish got cancer? Check out how Beth answers this and life’s other biggest questions in her full post here.

I so enjoyed Beth’s search term post that I recently decided to take a break from checking stats on my blog’s page views every 23 seconds to investigate the search terms that brought people here to floWord. Unfortunately, no search terms of floWord traffic quite rivaled the ones directing people to Beth’s blog (why wouldn’t someone come to my blog to learn about 24-hour crime scene cleaners in Missoula, Montana?).

So instead of listing my search terms, I decided to see if I could combine some of them to increase their entertainment value. The result? I call it search engine poetry. Each line of the following poems represents a search engine query, verbatim, that brought some unsuspecting soul here to floWord while browsing the interwebs.


flowers that mean poem
tree wisdom aphorism
lady beetle

sees the day


why is flat stanley such a big thing
does coleslaw have to stay cold?
who said “im sorry for the long letter. i didn’t have time to write a short one.”
“i’m sorry for the long letter. i didn’t have time to write a short one.” george will


my favorite pie poem
i like pie i really like pie do you
kind of love scott fitzgerald


everything that bugs you
old faithful inn dinner reservations
dc drivers license renters insurance
faces exhausted

please keep proving me incompitent
unknown search terms


hot mammoth beans
rug under bed
parking gods
egg plant check peace


hiking in montana
black valley
wild horses
sky after storm
geography approaches of health


what is the best carry out fish fry in appleton Wisconsin
radio stations and dairy breakfast and marathon county
dairy breakfast essay

memoir aaron rodgers
essay on why the packers are awesome

lambeau mercy


karate themed fortune cookie messages

‎”the world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the farther one gets from missoula, montana.”

beware of stranger, write up
ice breakers related to gratitude theme
keep a diary and one day it will keep you

when you put yourself out there
fight it through


5 thoughts on “Sees the Day and more Search Term Poetry

  1. So, for what sixth grade project did some kid in Kenosha search “essays on why the Packers are awesome?” I want to see what that kid produced with the results of that search. Anyhow, I like this format and idea. I’ll have to try going there with my search terms. Have you ever wanted to be the kind of person who mails people poems? Search term poems?

    1. Hmm, I like that idea. You’ve done this before, no? Silly poems on postcards to strangers? Love poems to friends?

      I want to see what the sixth grader from Kenosha turned in for his essay on why the Packers are awesome. I hope he used “show, don’t tell” details. I also hope the teacher showed him some “lambeau mercy.”

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