On My Last Day in Montana

On my last day under the Big Sky

On my last day in Montana, I reached a sheep ranch outside the town of Roundup. A friend–a Wisconsin native, Montana transplant like me–had been working and living there for the season. I played with Akbash puppies and entered the pen of orphan lambs, called bums. They suckled my fingers and chewed the belt loops on my jeans. I saw a horse named Boone buck a man off onto hard ground patched by greasewood and sage. The explanation was simple: “Some horses never buck. Some never quit.”

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I’ve really been looking forward to sharing my essay “On My Last Day in Montana,” which appears in the latest issue of PoecologyIt’s short, and it’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written. I hope you’ll read the whole essay here: http://poecology.org/issue-3/lauren-koshere/

Also, Poecology has a new literary place map, the LitLocator. If you’re like me and love maps, take a second to check it out. Do you see the point on the map that corresponds to where “On My Last Day in Montana” takes place? How about the point in Wisconsin?

5 thoughts on “On My Last Day in Montana

  1. Lauren, I notice under your Travel sites there’s no photo of you lying on the sands of White Sands National Monument. That is a great photo!

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