Why the Packers Win

Happy NFC Championship Day!

Today I have an op-ed in the Wisconsin State Journal, Why the Packers Win. It’s about reconciling my distaste for the NFL with my love of the Green Bay Packers. 

Here’s an excerpt:

For this die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, there’s no time like the eve of the NFC Championship Game to start questioning my interest in the NFL.
The questions emerged last weekend, when I tried to watch my first non-Packers game of the season, the Panthers-Seahawks divisional playoff. Never mind that the outcome would directly impact the Packers’ postseason future. With nobody on the field wearing my beloved green and gold, I had a hard time caring. I found myself rolling my eyes at the stupidity of beer commercials, getting angry about the objectification of women, feeling insulted by the absurd amount of time given to commercials versus football.

Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/opinion/column/guest/lauren-koshere-why-the-packers-win/article_abeea6f6-a147-566f-a519-a98da31920db.html#ixzz3PBVSoUWt

Check out the rest here: Why the Packers Win.

And Go Pack Go!

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