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May 2020: Join me for a virtual Nature Writing workshop, created as part of my job with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin: March 2020: Check out my latest piece for Civil Eats – In the Upper Midwest, Cracking the Code for Farmland Access

Dear Humidity…

Dear Humidity, I have a love-hate relationship with you, deeply (and much to my surprise) influenced toward the “love” side of things by the long, hot summer walks I used to take all over DC. Sometimes, I even miss you. Sometimes. Today I have a short piece about those steamy DC ambles on the City Creatures … More Dear Humidity…

They Meet us at Happy Hour

Here’s something I originally posted in 2013 and updated for a reading last year. I decided to share the revision after a recent conversation with a friend about dating. She asked, “How has the process gone so…awry?” They meet us at happy hour—colleague of a friend. They make eye contact on the metro the day the homeless guy vomits. So gross! I’m Trev. They … More They Meet us at Happy Hour

Why the Packers Win

Happy NFC Championship Day! Today I have an op-ed in the Wisconsin State Journal, Why the Packers Win. It’s about reconciling my distaste for the NFL with my love of the Green Bay Packers.  Here’s an excerpt: For this die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, there’s no time like the eve of the NFC Championship Game to start questioning … More Why the Packers Win

Since high school

Here’s one inspired by my recent ten-year high school class reunion.  Since high school we’ve grown out our hair. Or we’ve chopped it all off or gone bald or shaved our head for childrens’ cancer research. We’ve lost weight and gained weight and gained weight and lost weight and gained weight and. We’ve slept with the same person … More Since high school