Dear Humidity…

Dear Humidity, I have a love-hate relationship with you, deeply (and much to my surprise) influenced toward the “love” side of things by the long, hot summer walks I used to take all over DC. Sometimes, I even miss you. Sometimes. Today I have a short piece about those steamy DC ambles on the City Creatures … More Dear Humidity…

People the Humidity Makes me Want to Punch in the Face

…Because when you hate the humidity, pretty soon you start to hate everything in the humidity. Sweater lady: What in GOD’S NAME is wrong with you? Just looking at that thick layer of wool coating your arms and torso, that collar at your neck, makes me feel ten times more hot and clammy and disgusting … More People the Humidity Makes me Want to Punch in the Face


(My dabbling in urban nature writing and poetry continues…) The downpour breaks a hot Friday, Beating the street with a thousand hard stops: The end of a long slice through humid air. The sidewalks surge and the professionals run for cover. Three women in dresses peer from a vestibule. A smartly dressed young man hunkers … More Downpour

City Deer Make me Wish I had a Freezer Full of Venison

Seen through one lens, sure, I can understand how, to many urban dwellers, hunting and eating game sounds downright redneckey. Seen through another lens, I could also make a case that my siblings and I were raised on protein that was all-natural; local; organic, sustainable; free-range; vegetarian-diet; low-input; biodynamic; soy-, hormone-, cage-, and antibiotic-free—not to … More City Deer Make me Wish I had a Freezer Full of Venison

You Know What’s Distracting? A Hurricane.

You know what’s distracting? A hurricane. With closures in the federal government, many private employers, and most metro systems in D.C. due to Hurricane Sandy, I worked from home yesterday and today.  The task? A monster grant proposal that’s kept me up at night for the last two weeks. It’s due Friday. I can honestly … More You Know What’s Distracting? A Hurricane.

Thank You, Missoula

It’s my last morning in Missoula for a while.  Recently I went for a walk in the North Hills, my favorite hiking area in town, and took a journal with me.  Looking down on Missoula, I thought, “thank you.”  For all the experiences I had here–as a young woman, a student, a teacher, a friend.  … More Thank You, Missoula

Top Ten Signs I’m Spending a Weekend in Missoula

10. Friday night begins with a wittily-titled microbrew at one of the 429 breweries in town.   In my case this weekend, it was  Sip’N Go Naked at Tamarack Brewing Company.  (P.S.  Of course, I’m exaggerating:  Missoula only has 401 local breweries). 9. At that brewery, I spot at least two dozen other people (men and … More Top Ten Signs I’m Spending a Weekend in Missoula