They Meet us at Happy Hour

Here’s something I originally posted in 2013 and updated for a reading last year. I decided to share the revision after a recent conversation with a friend about dating. She asked, “How has the process gone so…awry?” They meet us at happy hour—colleague of a friend. They make eye contact on the metro the day the homeless guy vomits. So gross! I’m Trev. They … More They Meet us at Happy Hour

People the Humidity Makes me Want to Punch in the Face

…Because when you hate the humidity, pretty soon you start to hate everything in the humidity. Sweater lady: What in GOD’S NAME is wrong with you? Just looking at that thick layer of wool coating your arms and torso, that collar at your neck, makes me feel ten times more hot and clammy and disgusting … More People the Humidity Makes me Want to Punch in the Face

This is Bus Face

A couple of months ago during the nighttime commute, I looked up from my book. I had taken the bus almost daily for several months since moving to D.C., but I hadn’t ever stopped to look—really look—at the faces of the people around me, dozens of professionals sitting and standing their way up Massachusetts Avenue. … More This is Bus Face

Apartment Solitaire

Living alone in the back country of Arches National Park?  At least Ed Abbey had the company of rattlesnakes.  Living in an upstairs apartment in Missoula, for the first time in my life I lack the company of what can be just as toxic: roommates. Apartment solitaire, I learned in a recent New York Times … More Apartment Solitaire