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May 2020: Join me for a virtual Nature Writing workshop, created as part of my job with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin: March 2020: Check out my latest piece for Civil Eats – In the Upper Midwest, Cracking the Code for Farmland Access

They Meet us at Happy Hour

Here’s something I originally posted in 2013 and updated for a reading last year. I decided to share the revision after a recent conversation with a friend about dating. She asked, “How has the process gone so…awry?” They meet us at happy hour—colleague of a friend. They make eye contact on the metro the day the homeless guy vomits. So gross! I’m Trev. They … More They Meet us at Happy Hour

Why the Packers Win

Happy NFC Championship Day! Today I have an op-ed in the Wisconsin State Journal, Why the Packers Win. It’s about reconciling my distaste for the NFL with my love of the Green Bay Packers.  Here’s an excerpt: For this die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, there’s no time like the eve of the NFC Championship Game to start questioning … More Why the Packers Win