Thank You, Missoula

It’s my last morning in Missoula for a while.  Recently I went for a walk in the North Hills, my favorite hiking area in town, and took a journal with me.  Looking down on Missoula, I thought, “thank you.”  For all the experiences I had here–as a young woman, a student, a teacher, a friend.  … More Thank You, Missoula

Blood and Wisdom

Big Hole National Battlefield is ten miles from Wisdom, Montana. On this site on August 9, 1877, gunshots at dawn woke a camp of Nez Perce. Many died here:  31 soldiers and volunteers and nearly 90 Nez Perce—the majority women, children, and elderly.  They say you can still hear their cries. The place warrants many … More Blood and Wisdom

10 Ways to Have a Miserable Yellowstone Vacation (Happy 140th, YNP!)

It’s the 140th birthday of the world’s first national park!  Yellowstone was created on March 1, 1872.  In honor of the birthday today, my time working in the Park, and the thesis I’m writing about the Park, I’ll share something playful that I recently wrote to have a little fun in my current writing class…10 … More 10 Ways to Have a Miserable Yellowstone Vacation (Happy 140th, YNP!)

Taste that Wild Mercy

Pop quiz about 1990s sit coms!  Who was the prime time uncle known for his signature expression “Have mercy!”? If you said Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, you were right.  Thanks to Uncle Jesse’s role on Full House, many of us became used to the expression “Have mercy!” Among friends and colleagues here in Missoula, a new … More Taste that Wild Mercy